BSR Conference 2019

The New Climate for Business

November 12-14, 2019 San Jose, California

Michael Rohwer

Director, Information and Communications Technology, BSR
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Michael Rohwer

Michael leads BSR’s work with companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

His experience in sustainability with global ICT companies includes addressing climate, human rights, and ethics issues in various settings, including mines, the factory floor, and cyberspace. From drafting reporting regulations and audit protocols on greenhouse gas (GHG) to advising on renewable energy procurement for data centers and human rights opportunities with blockchain, his experience touches all parts of the sector.

Before joining BSR, Michael was the senior program director at the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and acted as the director for the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative. He also served in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) climate change and stratospheric protection divisions, focusing on mitigation of and reporting on GHG emissions. In addition, he previously worked for a sustainability consulting firm in Hong Kong.

Michael holds a J.D. and a Master’s in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a B.A. in International Relations from Michigan State University.

Follow Michael @MjRohwer.


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