BSR Conference 2019

The New Climate for Business

November 12-14, 2019 San Jose, California

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Using Technology to Monitor Supply Chains: Good Idea or Big Brother?

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Thursday November 14, 10:15 am-11:15 am

Thanks to new technology, supply chain management is going digital. Technological advances are changing how products and services are made and delivered and enabling the creation and sharing of supply chain information in new ways. But are these ‘advances’ always positive? Let’s debate whether using digital tools to gain traceability and visibility—as in the case with forest satellite monitoring—is truly providing sustainability benefits. How can we use these tools in a way that respects peoples’ privacy and livelihoods and benefits those in the supply chain who are most in need?

Scheduled Speakers

Additional speakers to be announced.

Thibault Gravier

Associate Director


Robin Barr

Head of USA and Canada, Global Director



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